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Re: [IP] no delivery

> The no delivery on my pump just happened this past sunday and I
> called Mini Med  and we went through a few things and the pump had
> Malfunctioned.  It took acouple of Days, Mini-Med sent me a loaner .
> I  said I was surprised that this would happen but like she said
> after all it is a machine & stuff like this can happen.  I did not
> enjoy going back to the shots, glad to be pumping again!

There is no reason to go back to shots. Your basal and bolus insulin 
can be delivered via syringe through the infusion cannula. Regular 
insulin every 4 - 5 hours nicely provides basal. Talk to your doctor 
about this so you can avoid long term insulins. My daughter has done 
this routinely for certain vacation activities where wearing her pump 
is inconvenient or dangerous to the pump and once for 3 days when her 
pump died at the begining of a 3 day weekend. Perfect bg's each time.
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