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[IP] Is all the training nec?

This is a great site and I am enjoying reading all the news etc.etc.
However I can't quite understand some of the problems.
Why do you need to use saline in a pump first?
Why do some Dr.'s not prescribe insulin?
What a load of trouble.
I have had my Minimed since Sept 3rd I went 2 1/2 hours drive to the major
Hosp had instruction along with one other girl for the day from the Clinical
Research Nurse who's a pump user herself. Went back the next afternoon
having stayed overnight with my Aunt. We had a discussion with the Dietican
and a check with the Research Nurse. Then off we went.
 We'd just to ring through our results and were advised how to alter basals
etc.I went back to work next day no problems at all
.Oh and whilest there our Endocrinologist called in to see us twice.Which we
thought fantastic.
 We were the 30th and 31st pumpers at our Hosp
.I've watched the video read the book and can refer to either at any
time.All emergency numbers were given to us.
So I feel so sorry for these people seemingly having to beg to use the pumps
and then treated so badly as if you hadn't a brain in your head.They'd never
get away with it over here.
One last thing it is such a shame we don't have universal pathology levels
for blood glcose levels.We use mmols/L  3.6 - 8.mmols (?normal) depending on
which textbook or magazine you read.-  if I remember correctly whereas I
find it hard to follow yours up in the hundreds yet the Hb A1c's seem in the
same rate readings.
thanks for letting me have a whinge.
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