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Re: [IP] Airport Security/Prescription Labels

At 10:02 PM 10/11/01 -0600, you wrote:
 >Hi all:  Now I see that a letter from a physician will not be adequate
 >for the airlines, and we are supposed to have pharmacy labels on
 >everything.  So, what about those of us who have unlabeled pump
 >supplies, unlabeled insulin vials (because we purchase out of pocket)
 >etc.?  I would love to hear how this is supposed to work for us. Have a
 >holiday trip planned and just cant handle being unprepared at the

Do you have a prescription for the insulin?  If so, it should come with a 
pharmacy label whether you pay for it out of pocket or not.  If you buy it 
without a prescription ask the pharmacy to put a label on it for you.  As 
far as I've seen, the pump supplies don't need to be labeled, but you're 
probably better off checking those in and bringing a few syringes and a 
bottle of insulin in your carry on in case the pump fails for some reason.

Several days efore you fly, call both the airline and the airport and see 
what their particular rules are.  These can vary greatly.

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