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[IP] Re: High BP meds

Rhonda wrote, in part:
> The meds I have already tried are  Norvasc, Tiazac,
> Clonodine...and the last one my dr. wanted me to try is Cardura...I did
> research on this particular med and the feedback was absolutely
> horrible...there were attorney advertisements every where regarding this
> and also it is primarily used for prostate problems???????  I am back to
> taking only the Hyzaar but my bp stays in the 150-170/86 range, which is
> better than usual, but still way too high.  Is anyone else out there
> this problem? or more specifically, I am looking for other drug
> that some of you may be taking to control hypertension.

When I started seeing my 2nd nephrologist (7 yrs ago), I was put on a combo
of 3 BP meds. No explanation, etc. so we made an appointment to check things
out in Ann Arbor, Michigan (we're in north-central Indiana). They said it
was proper and common to combine the drugs. I have been on Cardura (16 mg),
Norvasc (10 mg), and Cozaar (100 mg) for some time now.  Captopril,
Minoxidil, and Clonidine about did me in. I also can't tolerate a double
dose (20mg) of Norvasc. My nephrologist would like my BP to be under 120/70
to protect my kidneys further but it just doesn't happen. I see a
cardiologist Monday to set the date for a fistula or a graft to prep me for
dialysis. One takes 5-6 wks to heal, the other takes 6 mos. and I'm not sure
yet which is which. Do what you can NOW to protect your kidneys and BP is a
major deteriorator. (~_^)

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