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[IP] Re: working out and the pump

I usually work out every evening after dinner. I check my BG before
dinner-if I have to do a correction bolus because I am a little high, I do
it. I give myself half the dose of insulin and keep my pump going (don't
suspend or disconnect). My basal rate is down .1 of a unit than other times
of the day-because I usually work out. I recheck after the workout, If I
need to give myself a correction bolus, I do it with a little bit more
conservativeness because I don't want to go low in my sleep. My sugars are
usually just fine. I do prefer to keep my pump in the leather case because
it offers a little more protection-I clip it on my workout shorts, moving it
around if I need to. I used to drink watered down juice with my workout but
now I just drink water. You can always experiment regarding the lowered
basal rate, I know this works for me but everybody is different. Good luck
and keep on exercising! I know I certainly enjoy it! Sharon B.
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