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[IP] Pregnancy, nutrition, and quicksets

BlankHi everyone,

I haven't read the IP list in quite a while.  Teaching a new grade this year
and being pregnant is very tiring!  I am 16 weeks pregnant now, and feeling
pretty good, aside from being so tired all the time.  But I think much of
that has to do with the amount of work I'm doing since moving from first to
fourth grade this year.  I have a whole stack of baby books to read but
haven't even opened one yet!

I am wondering if anyone else had problems using the QuickSet in their
stomach during pregnancy.  When I was just a month pregnant, I had several
no delivery alarms when the set was in my stomach, and have been using my
hips and thighs since.  I'd like to try my stomach again, but am afraid to.
I'm not even showing yet, so I don't understand why there would be a problem
with delivery.  (especially when I was just a month pregnant!)  Any ideas or
advice would be appreciated.

I'm also wondering about nutrition.  I am trying hard to eat right, but it's
very challenging.  I especially have trouble getting my vegetables.  It's
not that I don't like them, I do, but it's so hard to eat so much.  I mean,
1 cup of carrot sticks is only 5 grams of carbohydrate!  And at school, I
barely have time to eat a quick meal, let alone a cup of carrots in addition
to everything else.  I love steamed veggies, but for some reason don't do
that very often either.  If anyone has any suggestions, please pass them on!

I'd appreciate responses being sent to me personally.  Thanks so much!

Heather  :-)

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