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Re: [IP] no delivery

> We have had numerous no delivery alarms on Rachel's pump!  I have
> been told that this could be caused by numerous things, the main one
> (especially if it delivers the second time) is a temporary block in
> the cannula.   Maybe you shifted when you looked at the pump which
> unkinked the cannula.  As Rachel is only 4, she frequently moves
> around etc while delivering a bolus.  There is no sitting still!

One thing that can cause this easily is the elastic one stretch 
clothing like swim suits and body suits. The "pinch" they create at 
the point where an infusion line goes under them combined with a fold 
in the skin caused by sitting is enough to block the line temporarily 
and cause an alarm. The best evidence of this is if the blocks occur 
while sitting but not while standing. This is from my own 
observations of this at our house.

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