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Re: [IP] Working out and Insulin pumps

> This is what I was told to do:
> Suspend the pump and disconnect 1 hour before working
> out and leave it off 1 hour after I workout. 

this is highly dependent on the individual and the demands you put on 
your body during the work out. many folks find that their bg's rise 
rapidly when they work out due to the demands put on there metabolism 
by the need for energy. When muscles burn carbs, they need insulin to 
use it. If the free insulin levels are too low, the liver will dump 
carbs resulting in a rapid increase of bg's when exercising. The flip 
side of this is that exercise burns lots of carbs. For some people 
this means that bg's go low rapidly during strenuous exercise. This 
can be different for the SAME person doing different kinds of 
exercise. There is no hard fast rule that works for everyone every 
time, you must find out what your body needs and adapt to that 
requirement -- that's where and insulin pump is GREAT!!!

For those individuals that experience highs when exercising, a small 
carb snack prior to exercise with insulin to match or as required 
determined by your experience will provide the needed free blood 
insulin levels to prevent the exercise induced high. In general, it 
has been reported that almost everyone has reduced insulin needs 
after exercise, the harder the exercise, the longer the period of 
reduced insulin requirement. Your doc's medical team should know 
about these things, so it is a good idea to consult with them.

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