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Re: [IP] Re: All who wrote about sweets

> Many thanks to all who commented on my issue with eating sweets.
> Maybe sometime I'll be brave enough to try it.  But, Michael,
> whipping cream?? Chocolate chips?? I guess that's okay for kids, but
> for us older folks who have vascular problems, definitely a no-no. 

Hi Barbara,

Think about it, it's not nearly as bad as the usual butter cream 
frosting which consists mostly of butter, sugar and chocalate. The 
gnache is lower in both fat and carbs by a bunch. I'm not saying it's 
"healthy", but it is far better from both a carb standpoint as well 
as fats, etc... I don't know if this is true of the premixed 
semi-liquid frostings, but they taste so nasty, home made has got to 
be better :-)

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