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[IP] Re: Working out and Insulin pumps

As has been mentioned, this is all YMMV.  If my bg is where I want it to be 
before working out I will eat a 20 - 25 gram snack bar and disconnect 
during my exercise.   After I do the cardio and lower body I will test and 
adjust accordingly (take a glucose tab if low or take a bolus if a little 
high, neither of which have happened for awhile).  After finishing my 
workout I will again test.  When my bg's begin to climb I will bolus 
accordingly, as the carbs from the snack bar will begin coming in.  I 
expect and want my bg's to be climbing after exercise to guard against 
lows.  I used to figure how many carbs I would use and bolus right 
away.  That way I would drop too low during exercise and still go high 
afterwards.  My workout consists of 18 minutes on a stepper or lifecycle 
followed by an hour of weights.

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