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I have been having difficulty with controlling my hypertension lately.  I am
taking Hyzaar, which my endo said he needed to add another medication since
the Hyzaar is not bringing my b/p down enough.  I have never had any side
effects with the Hyzaar and do not mind taking it at all; however, all of
the other meds that have been prescribed for me to take in addition to the
Hyzaar have made me feel miserable (i.e., MAJOR SWELLING, dizziness,
fatigue). The meds I have already tried are  Norvasc, Tiazac,
Clonodine...and the last one my dr. wanted me to try is Cardura...I did
research on this particular med and the feedback was absolutely
horrible...there were attorney advertisements every where regarding this med
and also it is primarily used for prostate problems???????  I am back to
taking only the Hyzaar but my bp stays in the 150-170/86 range, which is
better than usual, but still way too high.  Is anyone else out there having
this problem? or more specifically, I am looking for other drug combinations
that some of you may be taking to control hypertension.

I have recently been researching "natural" remedies to aid in lowering high
blood pressure.
Thanks for your help.

Rhonda McClary
Age 34
DX 1979
Pumping since October 2000.
email @ redacted
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