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Re: [IP] Profit from Mail-List

On 12 Oct 2001, at 1:32, William Eddie Hollyfield wrote:

> Hi,
> I have not been active on this list very long but I seem to profit from it
> in several ways: (1) just for me to stop long enough to focus on Diabetic
> issues ( mine too ) is a major task, (2) I can speak with people who
> understand me finally and (3) I think I have some unique diabetic
> experiences that I can offer to others. I hope it continues this way. Eddie
> -- 

I hope so too, Eddie.  I have "profited" in that I've gotten my A1c down 
from a low of 7.0 on MDI (with severe reactions) to a 5.9 with no severe 
reactions.  I have gained a great deal of knowledge about myself from 
others sharing what they have learned.  This will continue  IF we support 
the list as best we can.  By some this will mean a commitment of time 
or effort, for those who can afford it, by a contribution of cash.  And it 
doesn't take a great deal of cash to help out.  A yearly contribution of 
$20 can go a long way to helping others, or even $10 if your budget is 
very tight.  I hope that we all will Profit, and I hope that Michael may at 
least break even in his expenses of keeping this list going.  Please Help!

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