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re: [IP] Boluses for high-fat meals

My lowest 1Ac were when I had a < 10% fat content. Last evening I and my wife 
had a very high fat pizza
4 times as much insulin as usual. BS was 280 at 10:00 p.m. and BS was 271 at 
2:00 A.M.BS was 135 at 10:39 A.M. This cycle is known to me. So I do have a 
Hope you weather this and I know how bad I feel when I don't know.
Be Good to Yourself
 I appreciate your input.  I thought I knew where everything 
> was in Pumping Insulin, but I didn't realize there was info on 
> protein-to-carb conversions in the back.  I'll take a look.
> As far as fats, sounds like I'll basically have to guess.   :-(   When it 
> comes to small amounts of fats, like butter on toast, I've got it down--but 
> the higher fat combo will take some working out.  What I tried tonight for 
> the sausage high has given me three insulin reactions (oops)...even though 
> suspended my pump and tried to sit quiet.  ;-)
> Thanks again,

Thanks for writing, Eddie.  You know, I have a *very* low tolerance for fat, 
and I know this about myself.  I actually get a "gut ache" when I've eaten a 
meal that's above my own limit for fats.  I'm a little surprised that the 13 
grams of fat for that sausage are enough to make me go high!  (Not super 
high, mid-200s, but that's higher than I want.)  When you consider that an 
ounce of cheese has 10g of fat, and I can usually eat that with no problem, 
makes me wonder if there's something in particular about sausage 
(nitrites/nitrates?) that my body doesn't like.

I was 54 this morning but had a banana, took Advil for the headache, and am 
doing just fine.   :-)

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