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[IP] Re: Disetronic Size?

    I know several small children in our area who have recently started 
pumping, and my Claire is only 7.  She uses the H-tron and the other kids use 
the D-tron and Minimed.  Size is NOT a problem for any of these little kids.  
    We chose the H-tron for the 2 pump system.  It is such a lovely pump to 
look at, but the D-tron is really only a little bit longer when you actually 
compare the two.  And you don't have to wear it in a case with a anti-static 
sheet for day-to-day use like the Minimed, so no added bulk.  Also no case 
required to make it waterproof.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 

 My CDE called today and said she was going to send in an application for me 
 to get a Disetronic pump, rather than the MiniMed, since my insurance seems 
 to be having such a fit.
 I checked the Disetronic website, and I'm really not amused with the size of 
 the pump.  I'm gonna ask my dad to make me a block of wood the same size as 
 the specs to see how it can be worn.
 I am not a large person, and I can't even comprehend how a four and a half 
 inch long pump is going to fit on me.  Four and a half inches covers half of 
 my stomach.  Anyone have any suggestions for me, besides having to strap it 
 to my torso (which is what I think I'm gonna have to do)?
 No longer really looking forward to pumping,
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