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[IP] RE:Working out and pumping

I have found that I (generally) do not need to adjust my basal rate or eat
anything for a weight workout. In fact, sometimes by bg goes up as a result
of a weight workout. (This happens to me for intense skate skiing as well.
Might be my liver thinking I need some help...?!) For cardio work I have
found that turning the basal rate to OFF for 1/2 hour 1 hour before I start
(if my bg is in range), then turning my basal down about 30% until the end
of my cardio work GENERALLY works for me. Bottom-line: experiment. Pumping
Insulin and the Diabetic Athlete are both good resources.

Good luck!
Kathy S.

I just received my Anamis Pump and I am curious what do people do when they
workout. I do at least 20 to 45 mins of cardo and then workout with weights
pretty heavy. How do you handle this? I know you can lower the basal rate
while working out, but how much? What type of formula do you use? Do you eat
something right before and not bolus?
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