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[IP] Wearing the Pump - For Women Pumpers

In a message dated 10/10/2001 4:05:12 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> > Anyone have any suggestions for me, besides having to strap it
> >  to my torso (which is what I think I'm gonna have to do)?

There have been many good suggestions about how to wear the pump since I
became a member of this list.  I'd like to pass on another one.  I was maid of
honor at my sister's wedding on Friday.  My dress was floor length, strapless
with a slit up the back.  Originally, I thought there was no way I could wear
the pump as the dress was very form fitting.  Believe me, I am not embarrassed
to wear my pump openly but this time it had to be hidden or taken off.  I was
going to disconnect and reconnect every once in a while to bolus and make up
for missed basals.

Well, I wore the pump with the help of something called the Body Wrap which I
got at a lingerie store. It's made in the US by a company called Christina.
It's kind of like bicycle shorts but way better. I wore the pump on the inside
of my thigh.  It did not budge even while dancing.   It had the added
advantage of smoothing me out which is always good.  To bolus, I used my
remote or went to the ladies room.  Just thought I'd share.  ;o )

dxd October 1993
Pumping with a MM 508 since April 2001
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