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[IP] Asthma

Well the dust and smoke and other particulate matter
in the air in NYC has proven too much for my asthma. I
started taking a steroid inhaler (lasts 12 hours in
system) for the first time in years and I'm trying to
figure it into my basal rates. Do those of you who
take these steroids, or prednisone, etc, find that you
can set up a consistant basal rate to counter it or
does it just cause inconsistant highs and lows no
matter what? I'm just seeing what I'm up against here.
Catherine Popper
steroids increase insulin resistance and make diabetes management difficult.
 Discuss this with your doctor. there is a new class of anti asthma drugs that
atre not steroid based. your pulmonary doc willl be able to advise you. spot
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