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Re: [IP] Having rough days

> Jenny,
> I feel this is very on-topic.  Our emotional state has a lot to do with
> diabetes--not only how we handle it (or don't), but how it affects our bg's
> in general.
> I lost my husband five years ago, when we were both 38 and on a 2nd
> in Bali.  He had a surfing accident and died in my arms.  My diabetes care
> went completely out the window.  I was so clinically depressed (but not
> getting treatment for it) that I quit eating, lost probably almost 30
> and didn't really even test my bg's anymore.  (I kept taking my Lente and
> took a shot of Humulin every once in a while and fortunately never had to
> hospitalized for the diabetes.)
> Like you, I had dogs to take care of but that's about it.  I had been with
> husband for 20 years.  Grief is a very long process--it's not the 6months
> a year that some people think--so give yourself a chance to mourn your huge
> loss.  I **HIGHLY*** recommend a listserv called griefnet.org.  They have
> support groups for every type of loss (including the loss of a parent), and
> you will get understanding and empathy from people who are going through
> same thing.
> In the meantime, please consider seeing your doctor for treatment of your
> depression if it gets to the point that you are not truly living.  At the
> very least, you might benefit from counseling.  Although I didn't follow my
> own advice, it's very important to not let this go for so long that you
> damage your health by not caring for your diabetes.  Please at least make a
> commitment to yourself to test your bg's a minimal amount, maybe twice a
> day?, and see if you can stick to that.
> If you would like to email me privately, please feel free.
> Take care of yourself as best you can right now.  There *will* come a time
> when life seems worth living again.
> Hugs, {{{ Jenny }}}.
> Leeann
I'll look into Griefnet. I know that you say you didn't follow your own
advise, but you're still here and so something must have gone well.

I guess what got me started again was the fact the little gig I had at a
coffeehouse I've been with for a few years had called yesterday to tell me
they were quitting music. No business to pay out from for us. So, my little
pin-money9 gig was even taken away.

Was one of those "Try harder and get nowhere" weeks.

I've already made a pact to get with my CDE and doc if things don't get a
bit better in a week or two. I have BG tested and all have been above 228.
For me that su--s. I just noticed this is going to the list...I fixed that

I am trying to do things here and get out more but wow, it's like no one
wants to go out much anymore. I even applied with a demo CD to some of the
nursing homes around here as I do a lot of old fashioned (Read: 3Clean2)
songs and jokes. I am definitely NOT a Spear Brittany9 or midriff baring
size -2!

My wee daddles liked my stuff and he could be picky. If he likes it, they
should too.

-- Jenny Sutherland
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