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[IP] Walgreens mail order

>Starting in Jan 2002, I will be ordering my mail-order drugs including my
>insulin through Walgreens Health Initiatives instead of Merck Medco.  I would
>like to think that anything would be better than mail-order Merck Medco.  Has
>anyone on the list done business with this company and if so how did it go?


I have Walgreen's mail-order through my insurance company at work. I only
ordered hubby's insulin through them once...this past spring....and never
again! They ship all of their insulin overnight, even it is on a Friday or
before a 3-day weekend. When I ordered the insulin they shipped it out
overnight on a Friday right before a 3-day weekend from ARIZONA to my home in
Maryland. When I got the insulin, it was shipped with cold packs. However, by
then, the cold packs were no longer cold and the insulin was warm. Who knows
how warm it was wherever it was at all weekend? It probably would have held up
in styrofoam container, but they shipped in a regular cardboard box with cold
packs on either side. I have ordered from other mail-order places, like
drugstore.com and they always ship in a styrofoam container. So, I sent back
all SIX packs (5 cartridges in a pack) of 3 ml Humalog
cartridges...approximately $900.00 worth...those pre-filled cartridges are not
cheap! Carey will sometimes use more than a whole pack in a month...like if he
has been sick...so I get two per month to be on the safe side. When I called
Walgreens...get this...she said she would let me talk to the pharmacist so he
could tell me if it was safe to use. I replied that I KNEW it was not safe to
use. Talked with the pharmacist and he didn't argue with me...would he want to
risk his job?....he told me to send them back. I was told that they had been
"thinking" about using styrofoam containers, but they had not decided yet. So,
I informed them that from now on, I would not be using their service, unless
they used them. Also called the insurance company and got nowhere with the
stupid idiots there. I order Carey's strips through there, but I would rather
pay $45 for a 3 month supply of insulin from the local pharmacy and be sure is
it OK, then buy it through Walgreens for $20. I would be interested to know if
anyone else has ordered from Walgreens...maybe all of us together could try to
get something done. With Carey being newly diagnosed then and me in the
process of trying to get his pump approved, I had so much going on already
(but, surely not as much as Carey!) that I just let it go.

You may want to call first and see if they are shipping in styrofoam
containers...they may have changed their policy. Also, you will have to call
every day to find out when it is shipping (they won't know until right before
it ships) because they can't/won't specify "no Friday shipping" in their
computer system.

Good luck!

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