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Re: [IP] Boluses for high-fat meals

> So, here's my question.  How in the world do you decide even what to
> try in terms of a bolus?  Unlike carbohydrates, we have no
> information on how much insulin is required by a gram of fat or
> protein, right?  So I don't even know how to guess!

Fat has no carbs, it just delays the absorbtion of carb. The more 
fat, the more delay. Protein eventually gets turned into carbs but it 
can take a very long time depending on where in the gut it is finally 
broken down. For things like pizza (the cheese) or a very large 
steak, your looking at glucose release after a few hours for as long 
as 4 - 7 hours depending on your size and the speed at which you can 
digest a large meal -- the gut has a finite capacity and up to a 
certain amount digests it all at once. Once the capacity is exceed, 
it process indefinetly until everything is digested. There are 
conversion factors for various kinds of protein in the back of 
Pumping Insulin.

For normal carb items, the glycemic index can be found on Rick 
Mendosa's site (see LINKS page). Various things like highly processed 
cereal may produce a rapid bg rise while toast + butter with the same 
carb content will nicely match the insulin uptake curve. Pizza and 
macaroni and cheese are at the other extreme, requiring 4 - 7 hours 
to finish the release of their carb content. 

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