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Re: [IP] abscess

In a message dated 10/10/01 9:26:27 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted writes:

<< > Are people with diabetes more susceptible to skin abscesses?  My son has
 > that won't go away and now there are smaller ones developing closer to the
 > bigger one.  I have been to his internist, dermatologist and surgeon.  I
 > can't seem to get a consistent answer as to what it is.  The surgeon wants
 > remove the larger one, but how do I know that's the right thing to do?  He
 > has been on antibiotics repeatedly which are making him sick.  Anyone else
 > have/had this problem?
 >      Marilyn
 > ----------------------------------------------------------diabetics are at
 risk for all kinds of infections, the white blood cells do not work as well
 as they should. talk to your doc about the antibiotics, they usually do make
 you sick or at least feeling lousy. diabetes is oh so much fun! spot >>

Thanks.  He had the surgery today and now he is on penicillin to make sure he 
doesn't get an infection.  Hopefully, he will heal well and we can put this 
behind us.  By the way, they were all great about the insulin pump.  Kept his 
basal rate the same and kept his sugars around 150.  When he got home I think 
the stress caught up with him and he was 349!  It took 3 hours to get it down 
to 150.  He is going to check more often to try to keep his sugars 80-120 to 
help the healing process.  Thank you to all for your support.
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