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Re: [IP] Surgery & Pumping (long)

[IP] Surgery & Pumping (long)

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* Subject: [IP] Surgery & Pumping (long)
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* Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 10:49:24 EDT
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In PumpMama's original message and in Michael's reply, the
anesthesiologist is mentioned several times. It is my observation that
hospital procedures involving anesthesiologists seem to vary from one
hosoital to another. My experience (15 months ago) was that the
hospital I was dealing with did not schedule or assign
anesthesiologists to a particular case until less than 24 hours before
the surgery. I recommend that you insist that your endo require the
hospital or the anes practice to assign a specific anes to your case
so you can discuss the very important details of your case. If you
don't know who the anes will be until it's too late to make a change
you've got big trouble. What if the anes is not as familiar as s(he)
should be about insulin pumps? Maybe your hospital will be different
from the one I dealt with, but don't count on it. In my case I was
able to educate the anes.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, pumping since 1995
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