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[IP] Having rough days too

Jenny, I feel for you.  Emotional stress takes its toll on my diabetes also, and it doesn't help my frustration any when that kind of stuff happens.  I'm having rough days as well, for different reasons.  I have been fighting a cold for about 6 weeks and am finally feeling better, so I started going to the gym again yesterday, and since it's been about 6 weeks, my BGs are plummeting.  I haven't had this many insulin reactions in a while.  It's just a matter of adjusting my insulin doses to compensate for the change, but I said something to my supervisor to apologize for being a little spacy when she'd asked me about something earlier, and when I explained why, she said I needed to make a point of eating after exercising so that doesn't happen.  It just hit me the wrong way--people who are not diabetic, even those who are close friends (this person is also a pretty good friend of mine), have no idea what it's like to deal with what we deal with.  That gets frustrating sometimes!

Oh, well.  Thanks for listening to me vent, everyone!

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