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[IP] Re: Eating Sweets

An anonymous pumper wrote: I'm continually amazed at all of you who eat
sweets, whether it be ice
cream, candy corn, PopTarts, whatever...I never eat anything sweet - except
for an occasional bite, and I do mean bite - and I still have to struggle
to keep my bs stable.

I think we all have to struggle to keep bgs stable whether we eat sweets or
not.  The point is...a carbohydrate is a carbohydrate whether it comes from
simple sugars or naturally occurring fruit sugars, or lactose (in milk) or
starchy vegetables etc. etc.  I DO think that some carbohydrates are more
difficult to "cover" with insulin than others.  For example, I don't do well
with rice and avoid it, while I find it easy to cover ice cream.  The point
is, for every carbohydrate exchange we have to put in the appropriate amount
of insulin.  It IS a struggle but unless you want to try and do without
carbohydrates then we don't have much choice.  Many doctors even today
discourage diabetics from eating sweets because they either don't realize
that it's unnecessary or they don't want to admit it.  But if these doctors
discourage sweets for diabetics then I think they should discourage sweets
for all of their patients as it is no more harmful to diabetics than it is
for non-diabetics  PROVIDED the bgs are kept stable.  If you choose not to
eat sweets that is your right.  I don't really think that the people on this
list who eat sweets do it with complete abandon...I think they plan for it
and allow it in their diets in a careful calculated way.
Personally, I'm not waiting to get to heaven to eat my sweets (although your
mother was well-meaning when she made that comment).  I plan to live a long
healthy life with a chocolate chip cookie at least once a week!!

kindest regards,
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