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[IP] Re: question

The reason I chose the pump was that I couldn't stabilize myself on shots-I
had rapid highs and lows on long acting insulin that dictated the time I
ate. Now if a meal is late, I trust that I won't go low and never have. I
have had some difficulties with pinched cannula's causing my blood sugars to
rise-but it was corrected with a sight change. If it is the fault of the
infusion set, MM wants to know about it-they send you a replacement plus a
container to send it back to them. They seem conscientious wanting to see
what made their products go wrong. I check sugars two hours after a sight
change. Sometimes I am a slacker and forget to check - sometimes I am all
right, sometimes it is not all right.

I chose minimed (507C at the time) because our reps were local.  MM seems
like a good company but I know when this one dies, I will research all the
pros and cons of each brand. After being on the list it seems like they all
are good and it depends on a person's needs. No body is the same here! There
are some children in are area that were placed on the pump as early as
kindergarten age. I know of two preschool children that are getting their
pump through a University of Michigan Hospital pediatrician-a while back the
Diabetes forecast ran an article about preschoolers on pumps, it was quite
interesting. (I think you can check the archives on the diabetes forecast
websight on this article). I know the kindergartner here has maximum bolus'
of 4 units and her mother packs her lunch for her and tells her how many
units to bolus for each item. Good luck to you and your daughter! Sharon B.
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