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[IP] Right to sue HMO upheld by the US Supreme Court

In and interesting case reported today, the US Supreme Court left 
intact a ruling by the California Supreme court for Californians 
eligble to receive Medicare to sue their HMO's if they are wrongly 
denied needed medical treatment. The case involved a 58 yo man that 
died because he was denied a needed lung transplant by his HMO that 
medicare would have paid for had he been uninsured. 

It does not take much logic to extend this argument to include other 
medical treatments and procedures that ARE paid for by medicare and 
routinely denied by insurance companies, including insulin pump 
therapy. It can easily be argued that it may take a long time for 
complications of diabetes to set in, but the end result is the same 
as for the unfortunate gentleman above.  <rant on> Complications 
of diabetes have been shown to be slowed or halted by tight control 
(The DCCT) and insulin pumps have been shown to be a very effect 
method of achieving tight control yada yada yada......

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