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Hi Jodi!

First I'd ask the endo specifically why they aren't pro-pump for
a child so young. IE: is it just the age thing? And what does age
have to do with success in pumping anyway? Is it because the
child isn't old enough to manage the pump (like they are old
enough to manage their D care on MDI anyway??? Truthfully, at
this age the parents will be managing the care no matter which
method is used so why NOT pump if the parents are willing to put
forth the time and effort?) If they can't give you any real,
solid reasons why you shouldn't do it, then there is no reason
why you shouldn't be able to try it out, right? A lot of endos
will say it's best to start in the teen years but their typical
reasoning for it has NEVER made sense to me (I think waiting til
they are teens to start is too late. By then they are least
likely to want to try it, as they are more concerned about their
appearance. Whereas if started younger, before that point,
they've already grown accustomed to it and will see it as a part
of them by their teen years. They'll also learn the
responsibility for it over a period of time when they still have
adult supervision/help rather than suddenly being thrown into it
in the midst of their independent "rebellious" and "carefree"
years. Certainly there are the success stories where they've been
started as teens but what I hear most often from parents of the
12 and up is that they don't want something attached to them
24/7. Those are the ones who may wait til adulthood to decide and
by then, have lost a lot of years where they could have had tight
control and flexibility. But I'll get off this soapbox now. LOL)
Here is a link to lots of young pumpers' stories (lots of the are
under age 4) that might enlighten your endo:

Also, I don't know about anyone else but it really gripes my butt
when someone refers to the endo's "letting" and/or "allowing"
them to pump, etc. It shouldn't be their decision (who is old
enough, competent enough, who will succeed or fail) and you
shouldn't need their permission. I would go in there like a
warrior (strong and solid in your convictions, not
confrontational) saying, "After researching, reading, and talking
with others (3500+ others LOL) extensively, we've decided pumping
is the best choice for *our* child and *our* family. We aren't
asking your permission to be able to pump but asking you to work
with us on this. If you won't, we'll respect that but we're
prepared to find someone who will. We are *that* convinced that
it's the best thing for *us*." ...or something along those lines.
(Be prepared to follow through on that, of course.)

We started pumping because we needed the flexibility in our
lives. Our daughter can sleep late, eat late, not eat, eat
however much, whatever (within reason) and whenever she wants.
Sleepovers are a breeze instead of a nightmare. Sports - no
problem (took some time to work that out but well worth it). We
feel like we got our life back and our daughter got her childhood
back. We control the diabetes now instead of it controlling us
(living by the clock, etc.) Her control is so much better now but
with lots of flexibility. It really can't get any better than
that, especially for a child! I think pumping is wonderful and
ideal, especially for children (who are well-known for being
finicky, dawdling, and unpredictable), but it isn't for everyone.
It takes a lot of work in the beginning but once you are past
that you'll be glad you went through it to get to where you are.

I hope your efforts are successful! Let us know how it goes!

Take care, Kerri and Shannon (11), dx T1 11/96, happily pumping
since 11/99 with Hans & Franz (Disetronic HTRON+V100 twin blue
pumps, currently pumping with Hans)

Jodi said:
Hi all,
We are new to the list. Our daughter is 4 and we are  preparing
to ask her
endo to start her on the pump. She is somewhat excited over the
idea. Her endo
is NOT pro-pump for small kids, in fact the youngest pumper is 5
or 6 and they
only started her because her parents (like we will probably do)
demanded that
they let her pump. How can we convince him? Anybody?? HELP!!!
--another question especially for  those with young kids on the
pump, but
hey..anyone can answer...I know you can all help this list has
been a  great
learning tool already!
what convinced you to start pumping?
what have your best/worst experiences on the pump?
Pro or cons of the Minimed pump ( probably the pump that she will
be using)?
Thanks already,
Jodi and Dennis
parents to Cassidy 4 yrs old and ready to pump whenever the endo
will let
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