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[IP] Books for non-diabetics

I have to disagree with Michael (sorry!  :-) ) about "Pumping Insulin" being 
appropriate for a non-diabetic, support person.  I think it is way too 
detailed and presents a mind-numbing array of information.  (This is exactly 
what we pumpers need to troubleshoot and learn all we can about our pumps--I 
think this is absolutely the BEST book for *us*--but given that you describe 
your fiance as needing something that would give him a good overview of what 
we deal with, without boring him, I think PI would not be an easy read.)

I recommend a book by June Biermann and Barbara Toohey instead.  These two 
write in a very conversational, engaging format that is truly enjoyable to 
read (and a *quick* read).  I used to have a book by them called The 
Diabetic's Book, and my family found it very useful as well.  (As I remember, 
they have a section specifically for "helpers" of diabetics.)  The book is 
done in question-and-answer format and probably provides the kind of info 
your fiance would find interesting and not boring.  Check to see if they have 
an updated version of this book on amazon.com or somewhere similar.  I also 
don't know how much the book covers about pumping, because I read it many, 
many years ago and wasn't a pumper.  But I can highly recommend anything 
these two do.  (No, they're not friends.  ;-) )

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