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Re: [IP] Re:Eating sweets

> > zig-zags in bg. Frosting made as a gnache has about 1/5th the carbs
> > and does not produce this effect.
> Thanks for solving the wonderful; mystery of Harry's Chocolate
> Torture cake. I had no idea why it was friendly to Fluffy while
> common birthday cake was terror. Ice cream cake is nice to bolus for
> too. It's the only cake I can devour without having to bolus myself
> silly with. Chocolate, low flour cake with ganache a quarter inch
> thick...yuummm...just had a piece and am at a lovely 83:)
For those of you wondering, gnache is easy to make

about a cup of choclate chips -- I like semi-sweet or bittersweet
turn these to small particles in a quisanart or blender

heat one cup of whipping cream to just boiling
pour into the running quisanart

have prepared a large bowl filled with ice into which a smaller bowl 
will fit. pour the choclate/whipcream mix into the small bowl, place 
in the large bowl and whisk until the mixture thickens to 
"spreadable" consistency -- make sure you scrape the edges and DON'T 
stop stirring or the stuff on the outside will harden too much.

this all takes about 10 - 15 minutes start to end.
A similar process will make a MUCH better hot fudge sauce for which 
you will know the exact carbs by measuring the ingredients.

One nice size serving ---
1/4 cup choclate chips
don't quite cover with milk,
heat 30sec to 1 minute in the microwave
stir vigorously, blend to a creamy texture
serve :-)

Off brand choclate chips make a grainy sauce -- name brand will make 
a smooth sauce (without naming names :-)

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