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[IP] Pumps in Literature and latest A1C


  I'm happy to share the fact that my first book willbe published in May
2002. Granted, it's a book for a gaming studio and is part of a role playing
series, but...I mentioned the insulin pump in it (as part of how technology
helps people and makes humans have better lives) and it will be published
with the amusing part about pumps. Vampiric were-spiders (who can only feed
on pumpers as created in the rules now!) Yay! No more hypo/hyperglycemic
spiders! Heehee!... my editor didn't believe me when I said that technology
was real and not copywrited by another sci-fi writer so I pulled up my
tshirt and showed her Fluffy and my set. Was very cool!

My A1C is back on the increase luckily and is now 4.8, up from 4.3 and too
many hypos.

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