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Re: [IP] Thank you to Sylvia/readings/pump brands

Here is an online comparison of pumps if you want to see all the
features listed side by side:

I hope you don't mind my saying so but...there really is no
"best" pump (they are all excellent products), just features best
suited to *your* lifestyle. I could tell you all the wonderful
things we love about the pump we chose for our daughter but they
may not be features YOU need or find helpful. So...watch the
videos, read the brochures, try out loaner pumps, talk to actual
users of the various pumps, and see which one best "fits" with
your lifestyle. You are the one who has to wear it 24/7/365, not
anyone else. I'm not trying to be vague, unhelpful, facetious, or
anything. It's just that diabetes isn't a one-size-fits-all
disease and pumping isn't a one-size-fits-all management tool.
YMMV (your mileage may vary) is a mantra you'll hear often here.

Btw, Pumping Insulin is an *excellent* resource. MiniMed has a
couple of other excellent pumping books as well: The Insulin Pump
Therapy Book and Optimal Pumping. If you need some good
carbohydrate counting books, I have a list of those as well. :)

Take care, Kerri and Shannon (11), dx T1 11/96, happily pumping
since 11/99 with Hans & Franz (Disetronic HTRON+V100 twin blue
pumps, currently pumping with Hans)

Pumpless Pat said:
(some snipped)
I also ordered "the book" on insulin pumping, so can't wait to
get that.
(some snipped)
Sylvia recommended an Animas pump. I sent for literature from
several places. What do some of you on the list think -- which
pump is best and why. Would love to have more input from people
who have tried a couple of brands.
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