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Re: [IP] Re:Eating sweets

> Hi, all -
> I'm continually amazed at all of you who eat sweets, whether it be
> ice cream, candy corn, PopTarts, whatever...I never eat anything
> sweet - except for an occasional bite, and I do mean bite - and I
> still have to struggle to keep my bs stable.  How in the world do
> you do it?? Oh, I know the theory behind it, but... My doctor is
> totally against my eating the sweet stuff, and he's the one who
> wanted me on the pump.  He says he's afraid my "sugars will get
> messed up."
My daughter eats sweets quite often. Many sweets have very well 
balanced complex carbs that digest in a manner that almost exactly 
match the insulin release curve of Humalog or Novolog. Things that 
come to mind that fall in this category are ice cream and fudge 
sauce, candy bars like snickers -- reeses --etc..., pie, cheese cake, 
ordinary cake (but not with ordinary frosting). The frosting adds a 
complication -- the sugar is bound with loads of fat that produces a 
fairly long delay than a bang! of carb release -- something like the 
problems with pizza A small piece of this kind of cake is not a 
problem, but a normal size piece can easily produce some serious 
zig-zags in bg. Frosting made as a gnache has about 1/5th the carbs 
and does not produce this effect.

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