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re: [IP] Encouraging words

<< Most things I have heard about Carb counting is that there is a ratio.  
1:10, 1:15 etc.   I would be in the 400s if I used that.  I have found I need 
at least 3 units for every 10 grams of Carbs even taking Lantus.  Would this 
number decrease on the pump?

Pat >>

Hi Pat,

I guess that's probably a different answer for everyone.  I found that my 
boluses overall--when I look at the total amount taken as meal boluses during 
the day--decreased on the pump, but I seem to need more than before when I 
take a correction bolus (for a high bg).  Not sure why that is, and 
truthfully I don't care--I just take what I need to bring me back down to 
target and whatever that amount is, it is.

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