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re: [IP] Eating sweets

<< if you want to try something, i would suggest careful measurement, and
accurate carb counting (to the best of your ability) and try to make it
one of the less "fancy" items, but not "pure sugar" either....  really,
the things i've mentioned here are much much easier for me than, say,
pizza! >>


I absolutely agree with you.  To the person who started this thread (sorry, 
you didn't put your name), I think your doctor sounds a little out of date 
with his idea that you *never* have sweets.  That used to be the thinking, 
but now the updated advice (even from the ADA) is that you can have sweets 
occasionally provided you're in good control.

Like Jess, I have found ice cream to be no problem to bolus for. Because it 
has so much fat, its absorption is slowed, and that makes it easier to 
account for.  However, I didn't have good results when I ate it alone--it had 
to be a small amount following a meal.  Again, our bodies are all different, 
and you have to see what works for you.

There are certain sweets I stay away from (like candy corn), because I know 
that I simply cannot maintain control in their presence--I'll just eat too 
many of them.  So I limit my sweets to the times when I *really* have a 
sweets craving, and then just the sweets over which I can maintain some 
control (and not go "hog wild").

Life is much better when you aren't always feeling denied!   ;-)

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