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re: [IP] Having rough days


I feel this is very on-topic.  Our emotional state has a lot to do with 
diabetes--not only how we handle it (or don't), but how it affects our bg's 
in general.

I lost my husband five years ago, when we were both 38 and on a 2nd honeymoon 
in Bali.  He had a surfing accident and died in my arms.  My diabetes care 
went completely out the window.  I was so clinically depressed (but not 
getting treatment for it) that I quit eating, lost probably almost 30 pounds, 
and didn't really even test my bg's anymore.  (I kept taking my Lente and 
took a shot of Humulin every once in a while and fortunately never had to be 
hospitalized for the diabetes.)

Like you, I had dogs to take care of but that's about it.  I had been with my 
husband for 20 years.  Grief is a very long process--it's not the 6months to 
a year that some people think--so give yourself a chance to mourn your huge 
loss.  I **HIGHLY*** recommend a listserv called griefnet.org.  They have 
support groups for every type of loss (including the loss of a parent), and 
you will get understanding and empathy from people who are going through the 
same thing.

In the meantime, please consider seeing your doctor for treatment of your 
depression if it gets to the point that you are not truly living.  At the 
very least, you might benefit from counseling.  Although I didn't follow my 
own advice, it's very important to not let this go for so long that you 
damage your health by not caring for your diabetes.  Please at least make a 
commitment to yourself to test your bg's a minimal amount, maybe twice a 
day?, and see if you can stick to that.

If you would like to email me privately, please feel free.

Take care of yourself as best you can right now.  There *will* come a time 
when life seems worth living again.

Hugs, {{{ Jenny }}}.

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