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Re: [IP] Re:Eating sweets

> Hi, all -
> I'm continually amazed at all of you who eat sweets, whether it be ice
> cream, candy corn, PopTarts, whatever...I never eat anything sweet - except
> for an occasional bite, and I do mean bite - and I still have to struggle
> to keep my bs stable.  How in the world do you do it?? Oh, I know the
> theory behind it, but... My doctor is totally against my eating the sweet
> stuff, and he's the one who wanted me on the pump.  He says he's afraid my
> "sugars will get messed up."

good grief!  ice cream (the plainer flavors, not the ones with lots of
caramel and whatever else) is just about the easiest thing for me to bolus
for...  the absorbtion of the carbs matches my insulin absorbtion almost

this has been true since my diagnosis 11.5 years ago!  (when i was put on
a diet to help me gain back the weight i had lost...  often times it was
so much food that i didn't think i could possibly eat it all...  ice cream
was a saving grace, i can nearly always drink a milkshake....  ;)

certainly there are a lot of "sweet things" which make my bg's go
bonkers...  but they tend to be extremely concentrated sugar, or
complicated mixes of many different things....  simple concoctions of
sugar with flour or milk, and a bit of fat seem to be fairly easy....  
dark and semi-sweet chocolates (without all the additional fats put in
milk chocolate) ice cream, plain styles of cake (no nuts!), or brownies,
all seem to be fine provided i count carbs correctly.....

if you want to try something, i would suggest careful measurement, and
accurate carb counting (to the best of your ability) and try to make it
one of the less "fancy" items, but not "pure sugar" either....  really,
the things i've mentioned here are much much easier for me than, say,

(dx'd 3/89, assimilated 10/19/99 hey look, almost two years!!!!)

Jessica Marder
(617) 513-2845
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