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[IP] Re:Eating sweets

Hi, all -

I'm continually amazed at all of you who eat sweets, whether it be ice
cream, candy corn, PopTarts, whatever...I never eat anything sweet - except
for an occasional bite, and I do mean bite - and I still have to struggle
to keep my bs stable.  How in the world do you do it?? Oh, I know the
theory behind it, but... My doctor is totally against my eating the sweet
stuff, and he's the one who wanted me on the pump.  He says he's afraid my
"sugars will get messed up."

Sigh.   In the next life I will eat sweets - as much as I want.  When I was
a newly-diagnosed child, my mother told me that in heaven I would not be
diabetic, so I'm looking forward to that.  Of course, I'm into weight loss
now, so sweets would be contraindicated for that, anyway.  But still...

God bless all of you who can manage to enjoy the goodies and still maintain
good control.
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