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[IP] Quick set - soft-set - Ultra-flex

<Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 07:50:15 -0400
From: Roni Pagano <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] quick set and infusion sets and spots

If I did want to order Ultraflex, how does that work?  Do I just call the
company?  It's confusing since I am a MM costumer.  Maybe I should look at
that site of yours on infusion sets (Michael):)
Thanks again

I switched from the Comfort/Sillhouette to the 8 mm Ultra-Flex a month ago and
just love the Ultra Flex.  I am 42 yrs and on the thin side.  With the Comfort
I was having the cannula fill with blood quite often which we attributed to
the longer length, deeper insertion, etc.  I tried the soft-set and quick set
and could not get them inserted at all without an inserter.  I tried the
Ultra-flex and they insert very easily without any inserter.  They were hard
to hold at first without trying to touch the sticky part of the tape but I
have figured out to just hold onto the tiny part where the tubing connects and
then FIRST take the piece of tape off that has more "squiggly" lines on it and
then second the remaining piece of tape.  Then while still holding onto the
same part just pinch your skin with your other hand and insert into the skin.
It just seems to glide right in without much pressure.  I tried many times
unsucessfully to actually force the similar MM sets into my skin and never did
get one inserted.  Due to the "straight-in" angle of the cannula vs the
"sideways" angle of the Comfort I also find that I can insert this set in many
more places on my upper abs, side, hips, etc. YMMV.
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