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[IP] Having rough days

I've been lurking from the 11th of September. Not over the WTC, but that was
also the day my daddy passed away. He'd had a stroke and went into
respiratory failure. I9ve tried not to be a downer to the list but am fairly
much alone with this.

I've been busy trying to cope with the business end of things, No additional
SSI as I had the audacity to try to work 26 years ago, so they will keep me
on $771.00 a month to live on. Thankfully, my Medical will remain

I'm an emotional train wreck as he was all I had left of true family. No
brothers or sisters and even my meter has sat neglected for the last few
week. I am trying to get out of the funk, I do have dogs to look after...
but I miss him horribly and sometimes just want to go to the sea where he's
been scattered. I am sorry if this isn't "ON TOPIC" enough for some, but
diabetically I almost couldn't care less anymore.

Now, even my piffling little twice a month gig at the teahouse/Coffeehouse
has been offed due to lack of business. I can't win at anything right now.
The stress of trying to do right and stay above water and the lack of
work...Sometimes it's like 3Why try?2.

I9m sorry I9ve been staying off the chats, I want to and then again I just
can9t get out of bed to bother. I don9t know. I just wanted to come in for a
bit and see how it is going on the list....Maybe that9s a good thing, like
I9m trying to come out of it.

How did other folks cope with such grief and diabetes? When Mom died, Dad
was there, so it wasn9t as rough.

-- Jenny Sutherland
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