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RE: [IP] Silhouette and Book Recommendations

> It is possible, indeed easy to inject thru a sil. put in the plastic guide
which has a metal needle into the sil and carefully inject thru the plastic
plug, if you use too much pressure you can damage the site. mixing insulin
doesn't harm the site. be sure to prime the site with about 0.2 units to
clear the teflon cannula of mixed nph and humulog. if you are pumping why do
you want to mix, you are already getting basal insulin continuously thru the
sil. spot>

I'm pumping saline only right now (my educator insists on a week of saline
minimum) - figure since I already had a continuous line open that there
might be a way to inject insulin through it instead of taking a shot in
addition to my pump.  I have my appointment to go on insulin next week -
can't wait!

Thanks so much for your instructions - I might try to get up enough nerve to
try it tomorrow....

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