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[IP] Silhouette and Book Recommendations

Hi All,

Two questions from a newbie (still on saline) pumper:

1)  Is it truly possible to inject insulin through the silhouette infusion
set?  If so, can I mix (Humolog/NPH) and is there a specific procedure to
follow or is it generally discouraged?

2)  I got married about 6 months ago and while my husband has an "ok"
knowledge of diabetes and is very supportive, I've been trying to find a
decent book that will teach him more about diabetes without a) scaring him
or b) boring him.  Does such a creature exist?  He would certainly not be
insulted if there was a fairly in-depth children's version (might solve both
criteria).  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if this
phantom book does exist, it would be truly wonderful if it also talked about
the pump as he's a bit confused by it and very very - did I mention VERY -

Always asking the impossible,


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