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[IP] Never give up fighting your insurance company

Although I will admit that I do have one of the better insurance companies
(Cigna) they have made some very boneheaded moves since my dx 8 weeks ago.

Like another person on this list, they refused to cover the pen needles for
my insulin pen.  When I made the case that the syringes plus the vials of
humalog would cost more than the pens + pen needles, they gave in.

Today, they initially refused to cover my glucagon kit.  I got on the phone
with them, and 45 minutes later, had the kit for the $10 copay instead of
the $84 the pharmacy initially wanted.  My argument?  That a glucagon kit
was a hell of a lot less expensive than an ambulance ride and a trip to the

Don't ever expect these bozos will do anything they aren't forced to.  Get
on the phone, explain to them how it is going to save them $$, get in their
face, and don't give in.  Ask for a supervisor, demand a case manager --
whatever it takes.

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