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Re: [IP] Blood Sugar Crazies

1)  The other day I had dinner at 7:15pm (at a restaurant) - fish, pasta with 
red sauce.  No liquor, 2 bites of tiramisu, no coffee.  I ate nothing after 
dinner.  (No other factors - i.e, exercise, that time of the month, etc.)  At 
10:15pm I tested 91.  At 4am, I was up to 292!!  (Incidentally, after a bolus 
of 3.5 units, I tested 88 at 8:45am.)

Yuppers.....pasta affects me about 4 hours later, and if you didn't catch it, 
it would run you high later.  This happens to me every time.  In fact, I 
always have a low after pasta and then go high later!  Do a square of like 
two hours and see what happens later on.  Also, check your sugar four hours 
after eating pasta and see the pattern.

> 2)  I tested 143 at 9am.  I ate NO BREAKFAST.  At noon, I tested HI the 
> first 
> time (i.e., over 600!), then retested and was 347, then again and was 
> 289!!!  
> (However, a few days later I tested, without eating at all during this 
> period, 81 at 8:45am, then 86 at 10:25am and 76 at 11:45am.  Again, no 
> exercise, etc.  What is that about!?)

Sounds like a set problem....and are those readings right after each other?  
If so, it sounds like your meter may be malfunctioning!!!!!1

> 3)  At 1:50pm I tested 174.  I ate nothing, but napped a bit.  At 4pm I 
> tested 284.  (I ate mainly some bread at lunchtime - nothing high in fat.)

When I nap, I always go high when I get up..... and yes, like by 100 points.  
This occurs a lot, especially when people drive for a long time without 
getting out of the car.  It's the sedentary state, etc........

> 4)  Another day for lunch at 1pm I ate 1/2 banana (and took .8 units) and a 
> chicken breast sandwich on grainy bread (took 1.7 units - my ratio is about 
> 1:15).  At 3:45pm I tested 306 and 343!

Maybe the protein?  Any sauces on the sandwich?

> 5)  Crazy as it sounds, re: point #1, another night showed my basals were 
> okay!!  I tested 120 at 9:35 pm (the previous boluses were 2.8 units at 
> 6:50, 
> .7 units at 6:55, and 1.3 units at 7:45pm).  I ate nothing else, and awoke 
> at 
> 8:30 am with a blood sugar of 69!!

Are you basal testing after giving a bolus?  Can't do it like that  :O(  
Also, 69 is low for me to wake up.... is that normal for you?

> I feel like I need to do more basal rate testing... particularly overnight, 
> which I absolutely hate!  Any thoughts??

Basal testing overnight isn't too bad.....LOL   I just have a hard time not 
eating after say 10 pm since I stay up so late.
Hey, if you ever wanna call me, the number is 708-656-7190.... I'm here all 
the time and up very late!!   Call me anytime, really!!
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