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Re: [IP] Blood Sugar Crazies

I am finding similar occurances. I will be as strict as can be and still have 
BSs over 250 in the evening and during the night. I have narrowed it down 
somewhat to foods containing sauce & cheese (i.e. pizza) and ice cream. For 
some reason my system must hold these foods a long time. I can have a 90 
pre-dinner BS, eat a small personal pan pizza for dinner with a bolus of 5 
units (70 gms carbs) at 7:00 PM, have a normal 2 hour PP of 120 at 9:00 PM, 
nothing more to eat and show a BS of over 200 at 11:00 PM after the bolus is 

Hang in there you are not alone. I am still working closely with my doctor 
and nurses to stabilize my basals and may have to go to a 1:10 ratio for 

I was hoping the pump would help straighten me out because I have always been 
so brittle, and it may still, but I have to remember patience.

Good luck.
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