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Hi List

Just had a bad experience yesterday. I changed Eileen4s set on Sunday night.
She rnan a little high afterwards and at dinner time was still high. Corrected
and thought it was due to the set change (sometimes she runs high after a
change). She had dinner. Checked before bed and was 194, corrected. In the
morning she was 356!

Needless to say, she missed school. I spent half  of the morning injecting
corrections and finally decided to change infusion set. Still high, but a
little lower than before. 200-240`s range.

Stupid me, didn't think something could be wrong with insulin as it is a new
bottle. Finally, opened another bottle and changed whole cartridge. 2 hours
later, a low of 60!
This morning 62! Don't know what happened to insulin but apparently it isn't
Next time I have high bg's 2 times in a row without explanation, will change
insulin. I thought the set was the culprit.
Mom to Eileen (13 yrs.) happily pumping for 1 year and 2 months.
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