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re: [IP] Highs and Lows for no reason! (Pat)

<<  Hi - I guess I don't have anything helpful to offer you, but sympathy and 
empathy.  I am having the same problems and am totally frustrated.  I am not 
on the pump, but am seriously considering it.  But this is a bit 
discouraging.  Have you been on the pump long?  

Yesterday I was high all day despite not eating much. Last night at 1:00 am I 
was 36!!!!!!  I had a big glass of milk with chocolate syrup (never use the 
stuff otherwise, but only thing I could "think" of with a blood sugar that 
low).  This morning I was 209,
so am wondering if I am in for another day of the same thing. >>


I sent a private reply to Julie, but wanted to send you a note of 
encouragement.  Please don't let this discourage you from starting on the 
pump.  I had a lot of highs and lows on MDI (I was on six shots/day and was 
testing frequently) and have the hormone fluctuations of perimenopause to 
deal with--and I still was able to establish the correct basals and I am 
enjoying stable blood sugars for the first time in a long time!  (I am a 
3-week-and-counting pumper.)

I think the best attitude when you encounter problems on the pump is to put 
on the hat of a scientist.  Be patient, try to be analytical and objective, 
and get lots of data on which to make your decision.  That means frequent 
testing--I woke myself up every 2 hours in the beginning because I couldn't 
get the basals right, and ended up testing at least 11-12 times/day.  BUT...I 
only had to do that for a concentrated period of time and now I sleep through 
the night and wake up with good results.

The hormone thing means I have to change my basals more frequently than some 
other pumpers I know, but I try not to be a perfectionist and I try to take 
my results in stride and just keep trying.

I think the pump is the easiest, best way to get your bg's under control.  A 
side benefit for me:  Because I'm no longer swinging back and forth between 
highs and lows, my depression has lifted and I am not ravenously hungry all 
the time.  I've actually dropped a few stubborn pounds without even trying, 
just because my bg's are more stable.

I think you'll be glad you did it, Pat.  We *all* have problem blood sugars 
at times--even on the pump--but with lots of data, patience, and help when we 
need it from CDEs and docs, these things are solvable.

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