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[IP] Re: Pump Brands

My son, Malcolm (7yrs old) has been pumping for 3.5 yrs.  His first 2.5 were
on the mini-med 507c and this last year has been on the Animas.
I really liked the Mini-med but looked at the Animas because it is
waterproof.  There are many features of the Animas that work well for
Malcolm -- the menu driven screen (as opposed to the scrolling screen); the
temporary basals are set by percentages so they cover all the different
basals -- great when he is sick, when I am trying new basal levels etc.; the
basals can be set in .05 steps which is a real boon for little kids like
Malcolm; the prime function is also very fast as is delivery of the bolus --
the delivery of the insulin is in 3 minute intervals no matter how small the
basal rate.  The way the resevoir fits in the pump means that the bubbles
are up inside not coming into the line -- and I hardly ever see a bubble any
more. The fact that the pump is waterproof has materially changed his
behaviour about swimming --- beach days etc. the resevior is completely
protected so sand etc. can not enter into the pump -- he jumps in and out of
the water and spends days on the beach with nary a thought about his pump.
 All in all the switch was good for Malcolm although the results from both
pumps have been fantastic (his A1Cs are lower on the Animas but who knows if
this is due to the pump or his own growth and capability in knowing when he
is above/below target).
On the sets....I still get his sets from mini-med -- all sets etc are
interchangable just not the resevoirs.
 Please feel free to contact me if I can be of further help.
 Barbi Lazarow
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