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Re: [IP] Training Requirements

When I received my pump, I also received a video about it / the mechanics of the pump and the mechanics of "plugging me up to it." My researcher (I was in a pump vs. pen study) told me to watch it a bunch of times, read the manual a bunch of times and practice setting basals and boluses. It clicked away on my bedside table many a night before the final day. I thought I'd never adjust to all that clicking, but I did. 

When I went to Joyce's office,  I plugged myself in / very nervously and very slowly. Then I set the basals as directed by my researcher, which we tweaked over the next couple of weeks. Joyce made a few suggestions about my technique, which I tried with the next insertion set. 

Joyce gave me her pager, her home number, and her unlisted number, none of which I needed to use.

I watch the video and page through the manual every so often, just to be sure there's not some simple something I've forgotten. Most wonderful of all, I stumbled across this list and  _Pumping Insulin_.

You can do it without "training," especially if you made good use of the video.

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