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[IP] Blood Sugar Crazies

A lot of things affect your blood sugar, not just
carbs.  One of your questions involved a high sugar
after eating pasta with red sauce.  This, like Pizza,
is one of those foods that is known to cause a delayed
severely high blood sugar.  Some people fix this by
taking 1/2 your bolus with the pasta, and then the
other half over an extended period of time.  Others
have said they also increase the total bolus amount. 
You will have to experiment to see what works for you.
One of the other highs you mentioned that you ate
mostly bread for lunch.  Having carbs without
balancing them with other foods could cause your blood
sugar to rise faster and more severely than when you
eat a balanced meal, because fat and protein delay the
carb absorption somewhat.  If this was an unusual
lunch, then it is not suprising that you were high
that afternoon.
As far as your other unexplained highs, you are doing
the right thing by not changing your basals without
repeating the pattern more than one day.  Your highs
could be from stress, hormones, and lots of other
unrepeatable events.
Take a correction bolus when you are high, and don't
get overly stressed by it (since that could cause you
to stay high).  
 Only make adjustments to your routine if you find a
pattern to your 'crazies'.
Hope this helps,

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