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[IP] quick set vs. ultrafex

>The Ultraflex from Disetronic has a similar
footprint. I've examined both of them and the real
difference I see is the method of connecting the set
to the infusion line and the fact that there is no
auto-insertion device for the Ultraflex. Other than
that they appear very similar. If not talked to anyone
that has used both of them so can offer no insight in
that department.
>email @ redacted

I've used both the 10mm UltraFlex and the 9mm QuickSet
and like the QuickSet much better.  The QuickSet is
easier to handle on insertion and is more comfortable
to wear, I'm wondering if that 1mm makes a difference
for me...   The UltraFlex, however, is much more
easier to disconnect than is the QuickSet. YMMV.

RoseLea, pumping since 5/15/2000

My response:
I have used them both, too.  I prefer the QuickSet. 
My only complaint is that it is too easy to pull it
out accidentally, so it needs some extra tape. The
inserter is important to me, because I have been using
the Quick Set in areas I could not reach otherwise.
I did not like inserting the ultraflex without an
inserter.  Also, I disagree that the ultraflex is
easier to disconnect.
The trick to disconnecting and reconnecting the Quick
Set is NOT TO SQUEEZE anything.  Just turn it.  It
comes right off.  Then, when reconnecting, just lay
the piece attached to the tubing on top of the site,
and gently rotate until it falls into place, and then
rotate it the rest of the way, as far as it will go. 
Do not squeeze it at all.  
The fact that you do not have to squeeze anything is a
big reason why I like the QuickSet - I can put it in
my backside in areas I would not be able to reach if I
needed two hands to connect and disconnect.  YMMV

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